Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another chance to win a Sublime Stitching Craft Pad, and more vintange emrboidery goodness

Ooooooh y'all! Remember how much fun the Craft Pad giveaway was? If you were one of the close to 140 people who didn't win the drawing, here's your second chance! Chronicle Books is giving away TWO Sublime Stitching Craft Pads AND Two Origami Craft Pads! How cool is that!? Look back to the original post to hear my gushing love of the Sublime Stitching Craft Pad (I'm starting on a pillow case for my daughter with the horse pattern tonight!) and then check out Chronicle's Origami Craft Pad! When I was a kid, I learned how to fold a collared shirt with paper, and I thought I was too cool for school. My guess is that the Chronicle Origami Craft Pad has some way better designs than my late 80s creations. For. Sure. So get on over there, STAT, and win one! (and feel free to check out something high on my wish list...)

And more vintage embroidery goodness for you. This time, I'm going girlie with two designs. The first is a ballerina. I've never been a ballerina, or even had a desire to, but something about this image really struck me. I just love seeing her from behind. The second transfer is a charming little fairy. I love the delicate flower details on her hips and shoulders. So sweet. I actually have another fairy that goes with her, but I'm having trouble getting her cleaned up well enough to post.
I'll be the first to admit my transfers are no where near as cleaned up and pretty as Floresita's and others, but I haven't had time to pull them in to freehand to fully get them spiffed up. They are good enough, though, for carbon and lightbox transfers, so stitch on! More tomorrow ....


  1. OMG! YES! I'm totally entering that contest. I still don't have a copy of Craft Pad! Crazy, I know.

    Oh, and that fairy is so cute!!

  2. Hey AJC,

    If you ever want some help cleaning up embroidery transfers let shoot me a flickr mail and we can work something out to email them over. I have all the good software at work and so far I've had some really good luck fixing some transfers that I wouldn't even consider using off the original sheets.

    Are you adding these transfers to Hoop Love on flickr?


  3. Oh huzzah! Another chance at a Craft Pad! Yay! I just printed out the fairy and the little to find something to put them on!

  4. I love that ballerina transfer! (I'm a dance teacher/choreographer) I must say that it's so simple and sweet, unlike a lot of the overwrought ballet crap I see floating about! Hurray for simplicity!

  5. That dancer is gorgeous! I spent most of my life as a ballet dancer, and I hate that so many images of dancers have terrible lines. This one is lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love the girlies - thank you!

    {Thanks too for the head's up on the Chronicle Pads giveaway...I'm going to give it another shot!

  7. These are fantastic transfers!! They are some of my favorite I've seen during this fun embroidery week. Thank you for sharing them!


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