Friday, September 19, 2008

At the Obama screen party!

This makes me very happy ........

(and it's just a tiny part of what's been screened so far!!!!)


  1. a tiny part? haha you are like your own little sweatshop. hehe.. joke! awesome job!

  2. DUDE. How utterly freakin' awesome is that?

  3. Fun, fun! We're thinking of hosting something like this for our pals in Portland as a small fundraiser... Can't wait to hear more about it!

  4. It was great to meet you at the screen printing party, Rachel!

    Soon I'm going to post a photo of the boy in his sweet new Obama tee. :)

  5. Rachel!
    You were amazing during Obama-rama. Lovely sense of timing, calm, and totally into it. Hope you know you deserve idea-seeding credit.

    When I first saw one of your Obama makes I went
    "We could have an Obama party!"
    Kat looked up and went
    "We could raise money for the campaign!"

    That sort of magical cross-pollination is why I love living here.

    You're awesome! Thanks again,

  6. hi rachel! i'm so bummed we missed the screen party... do you think there will be another before election day??

  7. OMG. Those are awesome. I LOVE them x3! That is just so me and you and a cup of coffee ( or something stronger ) in the next 12 least!

  8. Awesome. Obama is one lucky cat to have you on his side! dztynkjs


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