Friday, September 5, 2008

Surface Design Class Opening - Come Dye With Me!

If you remember my blogging about the Screen Print Crash Course I took back in May, you'll remember that it was a total blast with some incredible learning opportunities, and resulted in some very fun projects. I'm back in the saddle with Kat next week for a Surface Design Crash Course (a little birthday gift to myself) and I can.not.wait. I just heard from Kat that there is one precious spot left in the class. Let me tell you, I know two of the other folks who are taking the class and it promises to be a creative joyfest up in there. Check out the details below, and if you have any interest at all - snag that spot! Tell Kat Rachel sent ya! Hope I get to see you there!

From Kat:

Can't find the color or print you desire on cloth? Create your OWN fabric!

This class is a super-concentrated one-week introduction to the art of surface design, scheduled so that you can immerse yourself in a world of textile creativity and still have time to pick the kids up from school or get to an evening job.

Students make original tools (stamps, stencils, silkscreens) and use them to add pattern to cloth with fiber-reactive dye, textile paints, discharge agents, and resists.

This course is jam-packed with techniques and great for quilters, designers, textile artists, those who sew, and any artist looking to explore a new medium.

Beware: it's empowering & addictive (in the best way)...

$200/five days, Monday-Friday, September 8-12, 9AM-2PM

Email kat at artcloth dot com to grab the last spot!


  1. Damn, that look AWESOME! Go Rachel!

  2. how is it you get to have all the darn fun in austin and WE have nothing??
    I tagged you in my blogg.. i want to move near you.. after ike though..


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