Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama Screen Print Happy Hour
Or why Austin just makes me giddy

I love living in Austin - for loads of reasons, especially things like this ...

You've heard me rave about Kat and her awesome classes, and the awesome Studio 1408. Back in May, you saw me create the Obama stencil and screen it on darn near everything that stood still long enough. Now those two things are coming together!

Kat and the Studio 1408 folks are hosting an Obama Screen Print Happy Hour this Friday night. For a suggested donation of $10 (or more - all the $$ is going to the Obama/Biden campaign - straight to it!) you can come and get your Obama on ... literally. Kat has put together screens of Obama so you can stencil them on whatever you want. RAD! The details from Kat are below.

And in the vein of Obama spirit, I have yet another reason to spew love for my separated-at-birth crafty pen pal, Sarah (and her hub, Josh). They've started a cool new blog called The Obama Craft Project. They are gathering all kinds of cool examples of Obama projects and posting about them. Be sure to check it out.

OK - the details on Friday's Obama Screen Party!


You're cordially invited to the
Obama Screenprinting Happy Hour at Studio 1408

this Friday, September 19th, 6-8pm

Bring your favorite tee (or pillowcase, or flag, or tuxedo. . . )
and have it screenprinted on the spot with an image of THE MAN HIMSELF.

Suggested donation: $10
all proceeds benefit the Obama/Biden campaign

brought to you by the happy campers
at Studio 1408
your textile/screenprinting/mixed media headquarters

1408 Cloverleaf Drive
Austin, Texas 78723

Download a flyer to pass on to your friends!


  1. Such a cool idea! You Austin ladies have the best crafty happenings!

  2. I am officially jealous of Austin.

  3. I've been jealous of Austin for ages! Too bad I can't send a tshirt for someone to make for me. LOL What a super cool thing!

  4. dang!
    I am so sad to be reading this on saturday morning!
    My friday would have been so much better had I checked your blog yesterday!

    dang! dang! double dang!

  5. this is too cool - more proof that Austin and Portland are soul sister cities!

  6. Hey I just wanted to thank you for turning me on to Studio 1408 ...I signed my hubby up for a GUERRILLA SCREENPRINTING class for a birthday surprise(inspired by your bday prez)
    thanks again,cannot wait to get in there myself


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