Thursday, September 11, 2008

Surface Design Day Three:
printing and prepping for discharge

You know it's gonna be a good day when it starts with a table full of
freshly burned screens .......


  1. Looking forward to seeing the results of those screens!
    Do you have a thermofax yourself?

  2. woohoo! I can't wait to see what the thread and scissor one looks like!

  3. Doesn't the duct tape leave a stitcky residue on the screens? Just wondering...

  4. wow that looks sew pretty! I am GREEN sitting behind my old borin' sewing machine, wanting to get my little paws in the ink! cannot wait for our next installment

  5. nope, sewer sewist--the duct tape protects the wood frame from constant washing and warping. it also prevents any ink seepage and creates a well for the ink.

    rach--your screens are freakin fab!

  6. Thanks, y'all!

    Tina - Yep, wish you could have been there, too! :) It was a blast!

    Dale Ann - nope, I don't have a thermofax. These screens were burned by our instructor (the lovely Kat McTee) but she's inspired and encouraged us to set up our own burning stations at home. Gotta do that when things slow down around here (ha!)

    Sweet Tooth - it printed beautifully. I loved it!

    sewer-sewist - nope! It's actually put on to stay on - it's a permanent thing to protect the screen, and - like the beautiful beez mentioned - creates a well for the ink. It's magic.

    beez - yours, too, baby - yours, too. :)

  7. I'm curious - do you have any problems with your burned images being so close together?

    I have only done one image per screen, but it seems like a huge waste. Last year at Maker Faire, their screens had images on either side of the screen and I thought that that was cool, but I had wondered about how hard it was to keep the ink in place when pushing the ink through.

  8. Jamie - we just masked the images that we weren't printing by taping tyvek over them. it made it super easy to isolate the image we wanted without risking printing something we didn't want. :)


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